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Optimizing your WordPress Site: Simple Gradient Background Images and a Transparent PNG with Powerful Results

Here’s a nice trick a lot of web designers use to optimize performances on website elements which would usually implicate the use of a large or wide background image.


The Tradtionnal way for website backgrounds:

If you followed my tutorial on creating a Background image for your website then you may have asked yourself if that image size was a bit huge,while most people can now enjoy faster internet connection,you are right,your site speed is a primordial aspect of your visitor’s experience and will keep them coming and recommending you.

The other/old way was to plant a relatively big background image on the BODY or HTML tag.

The image had to be slightly painted on it’s contour to match… Read The Article


Adding a Background Image to your Twitter Page,The Quick but not Dirty way

I just joined Twitter and came across the design ‘option’ hence the emphasis on non-plural word ‘option’.So I thought I’d use the only customization feature and help people get the best out of it at the same time.

Simple enough I took a full-screen screen grab of the Page and dropped it inside Gimp.

Then really it was just a matter of what I wanted to put and where and do it,using the screenshot as a guide for the placement my elements but images tell a thousand words so here we go:

Screenshot loaded and partly cropped

Adding Simple elements quickly

more elements added tot he background image

Added an under-layer of white before cropping the bottom

After Cropping the… Read The Article


Creating a High Resolution Background image for your Website or Blog

It’s always nice to have background decoration on your web site but seamless pixel patterns are a bit outdated to use for them.Having dramatically higher resolution sizes on every platform it’s no wonder high resolution images are preferred from both designers and users.Since placing elements with HTML is no guesswork,here’s a few tips in creating a basic high resolution Background to be used on your site.

I use Gimp for most of my image work but the concepts are the same in every similar software(i.e Adobe Photoshop) unless you’re using something like Autodesk’s Sketchbook.

The resulting image is to be styled using CSS with the HTML or BODY tag on a layout that uses a 1000 Pixels Width for the… Read The Article


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