WordPress Manual installation From The Ground up

Scenario 1

So you’ve got this web host and it has this neat installer for softwares and you never really bothered to use anything else to install WordPress on your sites or your client’s.

Unfortunately,as your web endeavours and number of domains increased,so has the number of SQL databases and their funky names like wordpr_153, and one day,an urgent (as in minutes urgent) need to find the specific database for a said Domain and make a quick change pops up and you stumble upon the confusing list of database,whether in your Control Panel or inside PHPMyAdmin.

Where to now?

Any good WordPress administrator knows he can retrieve the database name through the config.php file in the WordPress installation inside the Domain’s public_html folder but common sense dictates that the database name you see inside the PHPMyAdmin or the Cpanel list should be insightful as to which domain it pertains to.

Scenario 2

You’re just curious about installing WordPress yourself and want to get familiar with your Web Host environment.




Okay first,the concept in a few steps;

  1. upload and extract WordPress
  2. create a database,a user and grant him permissions to this database
  3. Access your domain from a web browser to complete the installation
Simple really.

Step 1: Uploading and Decompressing WordPress

1.1 From your Cpanel under Files,click on “File Manager” and choose the Domain you wish to install WordPress onto.

1.2 Click the Upload button and select the WordPress package from your hard drive.You can download WordPress at this Link



1.3 Right Click the newly uploaded file and select “Extract”;



IMPORTANT! WordPress usually gets extracted into a folder called “wordpress”,this is NOT the folder from which we want to run it from so we will use go into this new folder and click “Select all” and then click the “Move” button then in the Dialog remove “wordpress” from the path and click “Move file(s)” to move all the content in the actual root of the domain’s folder.

You’re done extracting WordPress.

Step 2: Creating an SQL Database

(take note in a temporary notepad file of the database name,password and username we are about to create and keep them for the last Step)


2.1 In your Cpanel ,under Databases,click on MySQL Databases.In the input type a short name for the database and click Create Database;

2.2 Scroll down and under “Mysql users” enter a short name and click the password generator then Create User;


2.3 Finally,at the bottom page,under “Add User To Database” select both the user and the database then click Add,on the next screen select “All Privilieges” and click “Make Changes”;

You’re done configuring a Database for your WordPress installation.

Finalizing the WordPress Installation

The easiest part.

Just access your domain from a browser.The WordPress installation will greet you and ask for the Database name,Password and Username we saved earlier(don’t forget the host prefix. Example : hostname_ )

Once you have supplied the information you can are taken to the login and password for the WordPress site ,choose a name and then you’re done!



Optionnal 100% Manual installation: Alternatively you could have gone and put the Database,Username and Password directly inside the wp-config-sample.php(and then renaming to wp-config.php ),just remember to generate a new valid salt key for the WordPress installation using the link supplied within the file.Both ways are just as fast and depend how you want to work.


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